Gardening and College Football

My husband and I walked our dog early this morning and saw several neighbors outside working on their homes, painting front doors, pruning bushes, mulching, cutting grass. One was even moving; sold their house and moving to the new one in time to celebrate Rebel football.  Each neighbor was working hard getting their To Do list complete because next week is the beginning of our college football season here in Oxford MS. Ole Miss plays UT Martin at home and everyone in town will either be there watching or at least partying in the Grove beforehand.

We’ll be there, too.  My husband works with the Athletic Department, my youngest son will be singing the National Anthem with the Men’s Glee Chorus, the rest of us will be in the Grove, then in the stands.

The following weekend is another game and with only the third weekend of September off before games resume, who has time to garden?

Today is the day to get it done; while it is warm and sunny, too.

So we made our first tackle. Gary and I

  • cut the lawn,
  • took out the tomato plants which stopped producing,
  • weeded the side yard (a dirt path between houses),
  • cut back the kudzu from the open space behind our house,
  • removed the Basil that bolted, fed the lawn with an iron supplement,
  • cleared out part of the garage,
  • swept the patio,
  • potted a new house plant,
  • replaced the outside light bulbs.
Kudzu hanging over my garden wall

Kudzu hangs over my garden wall

Kudzu growing between the walls is heading toward my vegetable garden

Kudzu growing between the retaining wall and my garden wall is heading toward my vegetable garden

Well, we didn’t get our whole list done but we’ll do our best to find time in September to do the rest:

  • mulch the garden bed, and
  • fix the sprinkler head that shoots straight up next to the driveway.

I think by then our garden will be set for the Fall. The last item on the list will be to winterize the sprinkler system but we have some time before doing that, although I should make an appointment now; at least get us in line.

After scoring on our list for the weekend, we ran over to a client’s house to clean up their fruit trees.  They’ve moved out and left riping figs, over-ripe pears and not-quite ripe persimmons.  So we pulled down some of the pears and boxed them up for garbage. We’ll have to go over and get the rest later, maybe find some that are still edible. Gary grabbed some figs for us and we called it a day.

Now for a relaxing evening watching baseball (it’s still baseball season) while  drinking a glass of wine on the patio with some cheese and crackers.  I wonder if my neighbors got their lists done. I’ll have to ask when I see them at the football game.


Two Frogs In My Garden

Two frogs in my garden

Hiding in the rocky ledge

Eating the ants that stream past

Trying hard not to fall off the edge.

~e saunders


My dog loves to walk through my Hosta garden. I was taking pictures of the blooms and, thinking I had the perfect shot of a single flower, found a surprise: a piece of dog hair hanging from the flower. Enjoy the photo.  Below it is a retake sans hair. DSCN6808


My Hostas are growing well but I have a question that many of you may have an answer for: why are all of the flower stalks facing north? My husband and I do have a theory. The garden is on the northwest corner of our house surrounded by the house to the east and a covered/screened porch to the south. West and North is grass but there is a cream colored wall beyond the grass to the North. We think the flowers are pointing North to the wall because it is bright and the sunlight is reflecting off of it.  What do you think?

Hostas pointing North